The Gunbot Sale continues

The Gunbot Sale continues

You've missed your chance to start with Gunbot during our last promo in March? Worry not, the sale continues for a lifetime license of the Gunbot Crypto Trading Bot.

Get a lifetime Gunbot Ultimate license at 50% off

The Gunbot Ultimate Edition is the highest tier plan of all Gunbot licenses. Learn more about each features in Gunbot Ultimate here.

Lifetime access

Like all Gunbot licenses (with the exception of Gunbot Trial, which expires after 72 hours), Gunbot Ultimate is a one-time-purchase license.

But what does lifetime license actually mean?

The lifetime licenses of Gunbot give you access to what you purchase, for lifetime, plus software updates.

This means that all futures that are included in your Gunbot Ultimate purchase from today, are also available to you in a couple of years.

The Gunbot software updates (for example, an update from Gunbot v25 to Gunbot v26, etc) are included too!

But what happens when 'the servers' go down?

This is one of the questions we get a lot and it is one of the actual beauties of Gunbot. Gunbot is a decentralised crypto trading bot, which does not rely on any servers. Your license is active as long as the Gunthy Token which (our utility token, more on this shortly), stay in your ETH Wallet address. The Gunthy Token, along with the unique public API keys in your license, form together your license.

The Gunthy Token

The Gunthy Token is our utility token. It's sole purpose is to enable the verification of your Gunbot license through the blockchain.

After your purchase and the activation of your Gunbot license, you'll receive a certain amount of Gunthy Tokens which are required to verify your license. These tokens, no matter the amount, are not used up over time. Their amount stays the same all the time.

As these Token, and the amount you'll receive, validate your license (and license level), they should never be moved nor reduced. This would put your license on hold until the required Gunthy Token are back to the amount it should be.

Even though Gunbots decentralised nature, the possibilities the Token gives to it's users are quite amazing:

  • Case 1: The tokens stay forever in your ETH wallet, you never move or reduce them -> Your license stays active forever
  • Case 2: You want to move your license to a friend or other person. You can do this by transfering the amount of Gunthy Tokens in your wallet to the other wallet (and be in touch with our support about the transfer)
  • Case 3: You want to move your license to a new wallet of yours.

Unlimited API Slots

An API slot represents a vacant spot in your license which you can use to link an Exchange to your Gunbot.

For example, Gunbot Standard grants you one API slot. This means you can use up to one exchange simultaneously in your Gunbot.

In Gunbot Ultimate, you'll have access to unlimited API Slots, which in turn grants you access to all exchanges Gunbot supports.

All supported Exchanges

Gunbot supports a vast amount of exchanges. Among them are the most popular ones like Binance, BinanceUS, Kraken, Huobi, Bybit, and many MANY more exchanges.

Even in case your favorite exchange is not yet supported by Gunbot, you can always request it's implementation to the developers.

Gunbot Ultimate even gives you access to decentralised exchanges, like dYdX exchange.

Unlimited Trading Pairs

A trading pair in Gunbot is a BASE(currency)-QUOTE(currency) pair from an exchange. For example, they look like this on Binance:

Each one of these represent one trading pair.

Gunbot does not limit the amount of pairs you can trade with it. The only limit are the pairs an exchange offers.

All trading methods

Gunbot Ultimate grants you access to all Gunbot built-in strategies. In total you'll have access to 24+ built-in Strategies (like: Bollinger Bands, ADX, Gain, TSSL, Stepgridscalp, Stepgridhybrid, and many more) at the time of writing. You can read more about Gunbot Integrated Strategies here.

These strategies are entirely customisable and offer in total far more than 2000 customisable parameters.

Trade on Spot & Futures

With Gunbot Ultimate, you can trade on Spot and (leveraged) Futures markets.


Autoconfig allows you to automate what you would usually do manually. The possibilities are almost endless. A few examples are:

  • Change the invested amount per trade based on previous profitable sell orders (compounding)
  • Add the top 10 trading volume pairs
  • Remove badly performing pairs
  • And much more

The Gunbot community shares many of these automation scripts on .

Price Trailing

Let your Gunbot strategy follow the price action and sell at tops, or buy at bottoms.


Never miss an entry or exit point again with customisable trailing ranges.

Confirming Indicators

Do you require more safeties before entering a trade automatically? Gunbot gives you the possibility to block a trade from happening unless your chosen technical indicator has reached the correct conditions.

Custom Strategies

Exclusive to Gunbot Ultimate, write your own custom strategies directly in Gunbot or use custom strategies shared by community members, like Quanta-G.

And much more...

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Gunbot Ultimate

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